Training at Jung SuWon…continued

I started going to class 3-5 times/week.  I love training in the martial arts.  I wish I could’ve started when I was younger, but there were no real schools where I grew up in Tennessee…and my mom would have never put me in martial art classes.  I did the “Korean” thing…played the piano, attempted to be a swimmer, a tennis player, a racquetball player…but was never good at any of them.  I got into volleyball in highschool…and in my senior year, something clicked in me and all of a sudden, I was pretty good.  I had never been athletic before.  I started doing Track in the 9th grade, but I was always the slowest one out there.  I started Volleyball in the 10th grade, but wasn’t very adept at it…but the summer before my senior year, our volleyball coach took 3 of us to a triples tournament in Murfreesboro.  We were playing on the grass.  I was with 2 other girls who were definitely way more athletic than me.  But being put on this team somehow awoke something inside of me that was yearning to get out.  I was the setter.  And we actually did pretty good considering we had never really played together before. From that moment on, something inside me clicked.  When I started school and volleyball practice, I was all over the place.  I was diving for the balls, making great digs and saves.  I didn’t worry about my knees or getting hurt or slamming into the floor…

Suddenly, I had a confidence that I hadn’t had before.

Training at Jung SuWon helped me to develop that confidence and strengthen it inside of me.

Grandmaster Kim was my inspiration.  She had achieved so much in her life and faced obstacles that were impossible.  Yet she succeeded.  As a Korean woman, this is not easy to do.

I gave my mom Grandmaster Kim’s book, Seven Steps to Inner Power, and my mom actually read it and told me that she wanted to be strong like Grandmaster Kim, to have that inner power too.  I was stunned.  First, that my mom grasped the concepts of the book in English and second, that she would say this to me.  I could feel a longing inside of her that she wished she could do what Grandmaster Kim had done in her life.

That was all I needed to hear.

My mom represented to me, all the Korean women in the world who felt suppressed and held back in their lives primarily because of their culture…and their desire to change.

I immediately saw how Grandmaster Kim inspires all people.  She gives them hope that they can change their lives, that they can have the lives that they want to have, that they don’t need to hold back… wow. Awesome.

Not everyone can inspire people.

There are 6.7 billion people in the world.

How many of them actually inspire other people to improve their lives…to change for the better?

Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is one of those people who inspire.


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