More thoughts on Training at Jung SuWon

Training at Jung SuWon has always been exciting.  Even just doing basics over and over again… there is always something to be learned.

I love going into deep horse riding stances…digging in until I feel the burn of lactic acid build up.  I love to push myself to have deeper stance.

Just doing middle punch, over and over again…I can become hyper focused on executing precise technique…twisting and snapping my fist.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches about the different levels of techniques…middle punch as a white belt…as a green belt…as a red belt…and as a black belt.  It’s like  studying English in Kindergarten…then in the 4th grade…then in the 9th grade…then in the 12th grade… then in College.

It’s all still “English”, but as you advance in grades, you learn more and more detail.

It’s the same with basics.  A white belt middle punch is not the same as a black belt middle punch.

That’s one of the things that attracted me to Jung SuWon training.  Where I trained before, nothing was ever explained. We just did the movements.  But at Jung SuWon, Great Grandmaster explains the reasons behind doing things certain ways.

It makes a lot of sense and helps with focusing on improving the techniques.

Martial art training should be like this.  Never ending learning process.


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