Testings at Jung SuWon

Testings at Jung SuWon are intense.  To say the least.

I have vivid memories of my color belt testings…the lactic acid burn in my legs…sparring for what felt like hours…feeling like I couldn’t lift my legs any more.

The rush of adrenaline pumping through me… alleviating any pre-existing aches and pains and allowing me to charge forward.

One of my favorite parts of testing (which I experienced at my red belt and black belt testings) is when a stack of boards are placed before me.  2 people are holding one board.  Great Grandmaster Kim calls out techniques and instantly, I have to perform the technique and break the board.  It is a machine gun reflex that has to leap through my body… no time to setup the break…no time to think.  Just do.  Jump back kick! jump spinning round house kick! ridge hand! bear paw! fish tail! shoulder break! axe kick!  The commands come as fast and furious as I am breaking the boards.  The rush inside me cannot be described.

I think it is much easier to perform the breaks under those conditions rather than setting up a series of breaks that I have thought about for weeks.  When I have too much time to think about a break, it is too easy to psyche myself out…especially for the brick breaks.

Watching a Jung SuWon testing for the higher ranks is thrilling because the challenges seem impossible.

Check out one of our black belt testings on youtube…part 2 is here

I love watching this video.

It just energizes me to see it.  I can watch it over and over again.

My Black Belt testing was a little different.  There were only 4 of us testing. I was the only female. I have been training with the other 3 people in my testing group for over 16 years.

It was probably one of the most intense times of my life.

My parents came to watch. It was the first time they had seen me at a Jung SuWon testing.  So they had gone from their vision of me as they remembered me growing up– skinny, un-athletic girl…to now…a Jung SuWon warrior testing for Black Belt.  It was quite an eye-opening experience for them.  They definitely saw me in a different light after that.


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