Every day is a new day. Every day is a new adventure.

I just returned from a fantastic journey to Korea. I love Korea.

The language…the food…the people.

It’s ironic. Before I met Great Grandmaster Kim, I was 100% American. I rebelled from the Korean culture, food, language. I remember telling my parents, I’m in America; why do I need to learn to speak Korean?

Thus, the biggest regret in my life was born…not learning to speak Korean.

I had many opportunities to learn. My dad did teach me how to read and write in Korean hangul. I knew basic vocabulary. But I didn’t pursue it beyond that.

I could have been fluent in Korean.

But now, my desire to speak Korean is great and I struggle with learning the grammar, the conjugations, the vocabulary.

Life has a way of coming back full circle.

When once I refused to eat most Korean foods — my staple used to be spaghetti, pizza and lasagna — now I happily try most foods. I’ve even eaten some raw seafoods that I would have never tried before.

Pull it out of the shell…dip it into the gochu chang sauce, close your eyes and chew… hm…tastes like galbi!

My comprehension of the Korean language has increased. My vocabulary is growing. I just need to practice now!

I didn’t eat kimchi for 23 years. I rebelled against learning to speak Korean for even more. Now, I’m on the humbling karma payback plan where I love kimchi and I so much wish I could speak Korean!!

The great thing is that now that I am motivated, I have learned where all the Korean letters are on the keyboard and I can actually write in Korean. When I was in Korea, I figured out how to send Korean text messages so my Korean friends were helping me with spelling and grammar…

안녕하세요! 저는 세라입니다. 한극으로 가고싶어요!



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2 Responses to “Journeys”

  1. Ian Schneider/7746 Says:

    I admire people who can turn their great regrets into victories – your story is inspirational.


  2. sarahalexsmile Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Ian!

    I have learned a lot about myself through my martial arts training, from my master, Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim… especially how to Celebrate every living breath as if it were my last!

    There’s no time for regrets…only for taking action to direct my future!


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