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So, I just came back from Korea… again. I LOVE Korea! the people, the food, the traditions.

I was talking to someone the other day about Korean traditions and I realized that I have learned many of the basic Korean traditions and actions of respect from Great Grandmaster Kim at Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy.

These are things that my parents and relatives never taught me…even though they are all 1st generation Koreans.

I think the only Korean tradition that I practiced at home when I was growing up is taking off my shoes whenever I go inside a house.

At first, I thought that the other signs of respect that I learned at Jung SuWon — using 2 hands, turning when drinking from a cup — were specific to Jung SuWon and the martial arts…but then, as I watch Korean dramas and see how people interact in real life… I realize that the signs of respect that I have learned are very traditional and very much impress the older Korean generations because they don’t see it in young people these days.

That realization made me feel very good about my training at Jung SuWon. At Jung SuWon I am getting the best of the best training that is not just about kicking and punching…but it is about developing a respect for Life — my life, others’ lives, history & traditions…I love it!

If you have kids & you want them to learn respect for themselves, respect for others and how to be disciplined, bring them to Jung SuWon! It’s a great school and a great environment!


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