Life, Love, and the Art of Jung SuWon

Through the art of Jung SuWon, I have learned to appreciate my life, to live my life to the fullest, to not hold back my feelings, and what the true meaning of “love” is.

How is this possible? Through a Martial Art?

Well, think of it…what IS a martial art? way back when…thousands of years ago, … the martial arts were a “way of LIFE”… the tenets of the martial arts were what guided and directed those who studied them. The tenets weren’t about kicking and punching. They were about honor, respect, discipline… how to treat your elders/seniors…how to live your life.


Jung SuWon is like that. The principles and tenets that are taught there are ones that you can live your life by…that’s what makes it so cool.

Just before I found Jung SuWon, I was teaching in a pre-K program in South San Jose. I was alone, lonely, and wandering through life like a leaf floating in the wind. I didn’t feel fulfilled at my teaching job. I didn’t feel grounded in my life. I had no real friends. No one to talk to. A roommate I disliked. I had found an apartment through an ad because they needed a 3rd roommate. A blonde and a German guy. The German guy was nice enough, but older than me so we didn’t really relate. The blonde was… well.. anyway.

I signed up for a pottery class because I thought that was something I could do and meet other people. But doing pottery is pretty much a solitary, meditative activity…

My pre-K job ended and I got a job teaching 5th grade at a south San Jose elementary school…not a very good district… but it was a job. I was in a crowded class of 32 kids… did you know that the ideal student to teacher ratio is 10:1? That is the point at which students can truly learn from the teacher. Any more than that is chaos. Especially when 3 kids didn’t speak any English, 6 were major disciplinary problems if they all happened to be in school at the same time, there were 2 gangs…Vietnamese & Hispanic…and only 3 or so students really eager to learn.

Pretty exhausting for a first year teacher right out of the idealistic world of college student teaching…

It was on the verge of mind-numbing.

God guided me to Jung SuWon in the nick of time! I believe that God has our paths mapped out for us. Sometimes He will show us the path that we are meant to take…it is up to us to recognize the sign…

I already shared the story of how I found Jung SuWon…see my earliest posts!

Since I have been training, I have discovered what “love” is. Now, it didn’t happen right away. I struggled with this word for several years. Even after I found my true love, I still needed to discover how to love my Self before I truly understood the meaning.

Now, I love my life. I love the beauty surrounding me. I am captivated by beautiful flowers, trees, the sky,…wildlife…nature…the breathtaking beauty of man-made architecture…

I used to like depressing songs… I used to put quotes of depressing songs on my door in college.

But now, I love songs full of love, happiness, joy… God’s words…hymns…

My heart is filled with joy.

I wish everyone in the world could experience this happiness…this joy…this love that I feel.

There’s no reason to be lonely.

Even if you are all alone.

My soulmate travels quite a bit…but we are always together. We are always in each other’s hearts. Energy knows no distance, as Great Grandmaster Kim has always taught me. I could never have comprehended this before I started training in the art of Jung SuWon under Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim. She is a true Energy Master and has taught me incredible lessons about love, life, energy, connection, honor, truth, loyalty and so much more.

I love my life. I am grateful to God for my life and for what I have learned over the years from all my teachers.

If it sounds all too idealistic to be true, I don’t know what to say… because it is true. I am an optimist and I love living in my optimistic world!


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