Training at Jung SuWon … Gardening for Life!

I love Gardening. That’s right…gardening. I never would have thought I would hear me say those words…but here I am!

So, what does gardening have to do with Jung SuWon training?

Those of you who know me may think this is crazy… I’ve never been much of an outdoorsy type person… my teacher, Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim recommended trying this out first thing in the morning. I did it and now I’m hooked.

Well, let me describe some of my gardening experiences…

There’s nothing like waking up before the sun rises… putting on my gardening gloves…gathering my tools…and going out to tend to rosebushes, fruit trees and more…watching the sun rise on the horizon…shooting its golden rays across the top of the mountain…

On my first day out in the garden, I found a few rose bushes that had been “forgotten”…they were dying, tossed aside along the edge of the garden.

Forgotten Rose Bush ... BEFORE

Forgotten Rose Bush ... BEFORE

I decided to replant them and feed them with love and water and then see what happens. Now I don’t know much about gardening. Great Grandmaster Dr. Kim showed me how and when to prune rose bushes and apple trees. She showed me how to plant a rose bush. She taught me a lot.

For each of the rose bushes, I removed rocks and weeds from around the bushes and made a circle of rocks around each bush.

I check up on each rose bush like I check on each child and give more encouragement to those that need more attention.

It was amazing. At least 2 of the bushes that had been uprooted and dying…. are now growing and blossoming!

It didn’t happen right away. I just kept tending to them and watching them…taking pictures of the progress… until one day, I noticed new little shoots appearing!! I was so excited! It was a miracle!

This is the same rose bush!  Amazing!

This is the same rose bush! Amazing!

It’s been several weeks and the bushes are actually starting to flower!!!

I can’t describe the feeling of seeing these plants come back to life.

In my training at Jung SuWon, I get to work with kids of all ages… 3 year olds, 7 year olds, autistic kids… sometimes a kid has very low self-esteem (a forgotten rose bush)…but when you nurture the child…give him or her attention… treat him/her with respect… water him or her with good energy and love… they flourish.

I have seen tremendous changes in young children… they become responsive, respectful and self-confident.

How thrilling it is to be a part of that process through training at Jung SuWon! I love watching children blossom!


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