Jung SuWon Life Gardener

I went out this morning and discovered another Jung SuWon life lesson in the garden.

One of the forgotten rosebushes that I had replanted wasn’t doing well at all.  It was getting enough water…but it didn’t grow new sprouts…it didn’t do anything.  Here is what it looked like and has looked like for the past 3 weeks:

So I gently wiggled the plant and it came out of the ground very easily.  The roots had been gnawed off!

A gopher had eaten the roots!

I realized that no matter how well I treated the stem of the plant, it would never survive because its roots had been destroyed.

What is the lesson here?  Always protect your roots.  It is what feeds you.  It is what supports you and gives you strength.  Without roots, where would we be?

It reminds me of training with Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim .

The root of my life has been my training in the martial art of Jung SuWon for the past 17+ years.  Through my training, I have learned self-confidence, self-control, self-respect, internal strength, external strength, and so much more.

I am grateful for the past 17 years and for everything I’ve learned and gained from my training.  I honor what I have learned and how much I have grown.  I will always remember the training experiences that I have had over the years.

When I was a green belt, I had many exciting sparring experiences facing the black belt instructors and Masters.  When I was growing up, I never considered myself to be a strong person.  I was more of the “98 pound weakling”.  Though the sparring experiences were scary to some degree, I always knew that no one would intentionally try to hurt me.  The sparring that we did helped to build my confidence, my stamina, my courage… and it did.  Now, when I face sparring experiences….physically on the dojang floor or mentally in daily life, I have the confidence, the stamina and the courage to face the situation and to deal with it.

This is just one example in my life.  There are countless others.  I am eternally grateful for having these experiences to teach me how to be strong in life.  I wish others would give themselves the freedom to have and appreciate similar experiences so that they can benefit in their lives as well.

I am proud to wear my Jung SuWon black belt because I know that the path to becoming a black belt at Jung SuWon is not easy.  Anyone who has achieved this should know what it takes and how much they should be proud to have received one.  The training at Jung SuWon is about quality; it is solid and deep.  The tenets and philosophy of Great Grandmaster Kim are universal, yet she explains things in such a clear way that makes you think.

This is why it is so important to always remember your ROOTS…  take care of your roots…cherish them and nourish them.  It will help you live a long and fruitful life.

Just like the rose bushes…


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