More Goodness from Jung SuWon Training… APPLES!

Have you ever picked apples from an apple tree…and eaten right there & then?  The crispness of the crunch as you bite into the apple…the juiciness tantalizing your tastebuds…. the fresh clean morning air briskly filling the blue sky… as the sun rises over the mountains?


I’ve been doing this for the past several weeks…and it is the most exhilarating and awesome feeling!  I love eating apples straight from the tree.  I’ve never tasted apples so crisp, so sweet, so juicy as the fresh ones right from the tree.

At Jung SuWon, Great Grandmaster Kim has taught many lessons about the Apple Tree… one of my favorites is about picking the best apple on the tree, getting into the branches, climbing up if you have to, doing whatever it takes to reach for the best apple that might be on the tallest point on the tree…but you really have to work hard and strive to get the best apple from the tree.
Instead of waiting under the apple tree, with your mouth open…waiting for an apple to fall into your mouth.  Chances are, it will be a rotten apple that just falls from the tree.  Yuk.

Just like in our lives, we have to strive to reach for the best goals.  We can just wait around, hoping that our goals will come true…that are dreams will become reality.  We have to work hard to make them happen.  I love this analogy because it is so true.


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