True Warrior Spirit

I watched “The Last Samurai” again last night.  I love that movie.  It’s all about having a Warrior Spirit… the main focus of the movie is HONOR.

This is what Great Grandmaster teaches at Jung SuWon.

Honor.  영광.  名誉.  榮譽. No matter what language you use…the meaning is deeply rooted in your spirit.

At the very end of the movie, after Katsumoto has died, Algren brought Katsumoto’s sword to the Emperor.  The Emperor makes an eloquent speech in which he says…”But we cannot forget who we are or where we come from.”


We cannot forget who we are or where we come from.

Remember our roots, the source of our strength.

Great Grandmaster Kim teaches this in the Art of Jung SuWon.  When you train and learn the tenets of Jung SuWon…when you go through the struggles of your life, but remember your training…then you are honoring your roots.

I remember nights of continuous sparring…sometimes for 2 hours straight…completely out of breath…your mind is spinning and instead of “break!”, you hear “Change!” and you know that you have to keep going.  You feel like you are going to pass out, yet your legs don’t give out.  It is no longer a physical energy that is driving you…it is your internal energy that gives you the strength to keep going.

This is like life…sometimes you feel that the sparring energy around you …at work…at home…is never ending.  But like in training, you learn to dig deep…go into 2nd gear, 3rd gear…and you keep going…

until finally, you hear the words, “BREAK!” and you feel as light as a feather, ready to float into the sky, knowing that you have not only survived, but excelled!

I love my life and I honor my training, my root…the source of my internal strength.


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