Jung SuWon Testings … unique… challenging…like no other…

We recently had a testing cycle at Jung SuWon.  If you’re not familiar with the martial arts, it’s when students are striving to earn their next color belt rank.

Testing at Jung SuWon is like no other testing I’ve seen or heard about from other martial art schools.  It’s not a 5 minute deal where you do a couple of moves and then all of a sudden you get your next color belt rank.

Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim has spent years and years of training and teaching to infuse a feeling of tradition and quality at Jung SuWon.

We’re not a “commercial” martial art… Joe Schmoe DoJo out to take your money & give you ranks…

We are a true martial art.

I spoke to a couple of the moms who watched testing and asked them if they enjoyed the testing… they both said, “yes, but I didn’t expect to cry!”


The tears were tears of joy.  One student struggled with her breaking techniques.  She is a yellow belt, a beginner…one of the shyest girls I have ever met.  Her boyfriend has been training for many years, but she only started recently coming to Jung SuWon.  She used to sit in the gallery with her head buried in a book.

Now, here she was, standing before parents, family, friends… before Great Grandmaster and all the Grandmasters and Masters and Black Belts… declaring that her goals for her 2 breaking techniques were to become more social and to have more confidence.

Yet she struggled with one of the breaks.  Over and over again she tried to break the board, but she couldn’t do it.  Tears flowed down her face and her emotions were rising.  Great Grandmaster went onto the floor to personally work with her until she broke her boards.  SUCCESS!

Then, the testing moved on, yet as she sat in the back of the room, tears continued to flow.

Seeing this, Great Grandmaster knew that the student was still feeling embarrassed and disappointed in herself.  Great Grandmaster knew that she had to continue to help this student to rise above and to overcome these emotions.

As testing progressed, suddenly, Great Grandmaster called the student back onto the floor…and setup for a flying side kick break over 2 other students.  Great Grandmaster asked this shy & timid yellow belt student to execute a flying side kick over the 2 other students.  This was something she had never done before.

After a few moments of doubt, she took Great Grandmaster’s strength and ran down the dojang floor, leaped up and flew over the 2 students to break the board with a flying side kick!


Everyone jumped up and started applauding and shouting and crying.  She was crying… tears of joy, she said!

It was very moving, very touching.

This is why we are a different martial art.  This is why there is something special at Jung SuWon.  Great Grandmaster reaches out to the students in the most powerful ways….showing each student in his or her own way how each of us can overcome the challenges that we all face in our lives.

It’s not about breaking boards.  It’s not about the flashiest techniques.  It’s not about jumping and kicking.  It’s about HEART.  INNER STRENGTH.  DISCOVERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

THAT’S what a REAL martial art is all about.

That’s what Jung SuWon is all about.

And THAT’S why I LOVE training at Jung SuWon!


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