Jung SuWon Lessons in Poppies & Blackberries …

I don’t know much about flowers.  Great Grandmaster Kim taught me some incredible life lessons through flowers.

Poppies are incredible.

They grow everywhere in California…wild…and don’t need any water or attention.  They are robust and colorful.

They “sleep” at night and “wake up” when the sun shines on them.

They disappear during the winter months, and in April, the poppies start “popping” up.

But, even though, they seem robust and healthy, they come back every year… if you pull one out, it comes out so easily because the roots are not deep.

The roots are not deep.

How many people are like that?  On the outside, they look beautiful…friendly… but their roots, their loyalties are not deep at all… the roots are so shallow that they are easily removed…

Compare this to a blackberry bush.  The blackberry bush has thorns all over it.  Though it produces a sweet fruit, you will get pricked with the thorns if you aren’t careful.

But the difference is that the root of the blackberry bush is SO deep that it is nearly impossible to just “pull” it out.

How deep is your root?

Are you easily swayed?  Easily moved?  Are you loyal to your friends? 

Or do you grow your roots deep so that no matter if someone tries to grab you & move you, you stay strong and firm?

Stuff to think about…


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