I Love the Christmas Season!

I am voting for a change.  I’d like to move the Christmas season to start October 1st.  What do you think?

Even before I started training at Jung SuWon, I have never liked Halloween.  So it was very befitting that my teacher also didn’t celebrate Halloween.

Halloween is such a negative time… black cats, witches, ghosts… it has been commercialized to be about getting free candy…

What if we started a new tradition?  Put up Christmas decorations starting October 1st… Then, on Oct 31st, everyone can go out in nice clothes… and go door to door to get candies and such… but for Christmas! To celebrate the Christmas season!

Every year, I have been noticing that the Christmas decorations appear on the store shelves earlier and earlier.  Last year, they came out right before Thanksgiving.  This year, they came out in October!

I think people like to decorate for Christmas because those decorations stay up for much longer than Halloween or even Thanksgiving decorations.

When I was growing up, I never really “dressed up” for Halloween.  I only went out because I wanted to get candy.

So how about providing candy to the kids anyway and abolishing Halloween altogether! 😉  That’s my vote.

What do you think?


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One Response to “I Love the Christmas Season!”

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    […] love the Christmas season… the feelings in the air…the lights, the decorations…the general feelings […]

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