Wedding Bliss! – with a touch of Warrior Spirit!

When you hear the word “wedding”, it usually conjures up the standard thoughts…church, priest or pastor, in sickness or health, til death do us part, “I do”, “I do too”, you may kiss the bride… But life with Great Grandmaster Kim and Jung SuWon is anything but “standard”.

I had the awesome opportunity to photograph the most unique wedding last weekend.  It started in the morning with the ceremony held at a very small church in Los Gatos…but there will be more on this later… 🙂

But there was a wedding almost 11 years ago…,in Tennessee…at a Catholic Church…that also had a touch of Warrior Spirit injected into the ceremony…

Wedding photo!

The ceremony had all the trappings of a “standard” Roman Catholic wedding… one of the selected readings was from 1 Corinthians 13.  Before the ceremony began, Great Grandmaster Kim asked the priest if I could sing the reading instead of having my sister read it.  The priest agreed.

So in the middle of the formal ceremony, the priest announced that instead of the reading, the bride would be singing a song… and I sang “The Love Rap!” (if you don’t know what this is…I’ll try to post it soon!)

So, in my dress with a long train, I turned around to face the audience… the groom/my husband, turned around as well… I started singing my rap song and he accompanied me with some really hip dance moves!

I guess I’ll just have to post a video clip!!

As I live my life as a Jung SuWon Warrior, nothing is ever standard or normal!  It makes life exciting and dynamic!  I love my life!

by the way, here are some other “good reads”!  Enjoy!


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