A Silent Master Moment…

What is your “Silent Master”?  It is your intuition…that voice inside your head that suggests something to you that you know to be true…but don’t always listen and follow its lead…

Great Grandmaster Kim teaches this at Jung SuWon and has written about it in her books, Seven Steps to Inner Power and The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within.

How do you listen to your Silent Master? Great Grandmaster Dr. Kim says this in her book:

“The first step is to develop the ability to let go, to refuse to hold onto any condition as being permanent. When you can let your thoughts and emotions come and go freely, you keep your mind swept clean of obstructing mental debris. How can you hear your Silent Master this very moment if your mind is occupied with yesterday’s resentment? or today’s panic? Or tomorrow’s anticipation? Or with fear, worry, and anger?”

How many times do you know you should do or say something at a particular time…and it happens to be just the right action or the right words… you’re not quite sure how you knew to do or say it…but you did.

How many times does a moment pass… and you realize that you should have said or done something right at that moment?

When I get a feeling to say or do something…I call that my “Silent Master Moment”…that moment when I know I should do or say something…. it is when my Silent Master is silently screaming at me to “STOP!” or to “GO!” or to just “DO IT!”… I am learning to let go of my logical, rational mind that tries to reason with the feeling of the moment.  Sometimes that reasoning is just noise that interferes with my ability to clearly “hear” my Silent Master talking to me.

I used to dismiss those thoughts as unimportant… but after too many times when I realized that I should have said or done what I had just thought, I learned that I need to listen to my Silent Master.

How many “Silent Master Moments” do you have in a day? a week?…  next time you get that sudden urge to say or do something… just do it! 😉


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