One of my All Time Favorite movie lines in the world is:

“Every man dies…Not every man really lives.”

(can you guess the movie??… say it with a Scottish accent and that might help you guess the movie! )

Death is inevitable…but LIVING LIFE is an OPTION.  Not everyone chooses to really LIVE their lives…People may be breathing, but are they really living?

I talk about Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim and Jung SuWon a lot… but when someone or something has impacted your life so much…has inspired you to excel and exceed your own potential…has shown me the true meaning of Love…. kind of makes me want to talk about that person and share this person with whoever wants to hear.

I have an AWESOME life.  Can you say that about your life?

When you go to the grocery store  or to the movies or to the bank and the employee asks you how you are doing, can you respond “Great!” with feeling and enthusiasm and a smile?  I can.

It usually surprises people to hear that kind of a response.

That’s why I want to share so much about Great Grandmaster Dr. Kim.  Not only in my life, but I have seen her help so many people in their lives…  It doesn’t matter if that person is an adopted child with family issues or a big time Hollywood personality… Great Grandmaster Dr. Kim has helped people to shine, to fly, to excel in their lives.

I have spent hours with Great Grandmaster Dr. Kim and my extended Jung SuWon family…sitting around in a room…eating a fantastic meal…and then laughing for hours until we are crying as we take turns telling jokes… or share funny stories… You just can’t even comprehend how much love and happiness I feel during those moments…and we have had so many of those moments.

I think about how many people in this world are unhappy with their lives… who feel lonely…unloved…

I wish I could bring them all into our family environment…where they would feel so much love.

Imagine if all the world could experience this kind of love and harmony… what an amazing world we would have.

I can proudly say that I am truly LIVING my LIFE.


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