Jung SuWon – a True Martial Art

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Martial Arts…and what it means to be a “martial artist”.

Jung SuWon is a True martial art, not a commercial martial art.  Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim is a true martial art Master, not a commercial Master.

What’s the difference?

We don’t offer a drive through martial art class.  You won’t become a black belt in 2 years.  The stuff you learn at Jung SuWon won’t be “fluff”.

We teach kids Respect, Honor, Loyalty.  They develop self-confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness.  The littlest warriors, acorns, we call them, because they will someday grow to be strong oak trees… they learn balance, respect, and gross motor movement skills.  They learn how to count in Korean, call out commands in Korean, line up in straight lines and how to exercise teamwork and unity.  We teach students how to take the tenets of the martial arts into their everyday lives.

When we spar, it’s not for a 2 minute round…like they do in competitions.  Sometimes we’ll spar for 30 minutes…or an hour or more ….nonstop!  Why?  Well….if you are attacked in a dark alley, you can’t tell the attackers to stop after 2 minutes!  What if you had to keep defending yourself for more than an hour… wouldn’t you want to have the stamina to keep going?  When your lungs are burning and you feel like you can’t lift your legs anymore…and you keep hearing “change!”… you konw that you have to keep going…and at the end, after many, many rounds, you feel a great sense of freedom because you made it!  It’s an awesome feeling!

Anyway, I’ll go more into that another time!


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