Jung SuWon Christmas Party 2008 – ROCKIN’ PARTY!

Jung SuWon and Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim had a ROCKIN’ party this year!  Attendance at the party was double our expected numbers…more than 200 people, from age 3 to 83 were there!  We had a great group of teens there who provided the entertainment via an awesome martial arts demonstration… a tahitian dance routine with Great hip movements! …and a fun hip-hop dance routine that was reminiscent of America’s Best Dance Crew!  PLUS, we had the special appearance of 2 of our young 6 year old warriors, Sophia & Danika…who did a FANTASTIC dance routine to Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry!!  They had reindeer horns on and red flashing Rudolph noses!  It was SO CUTE that I thought my smile would bust off my face!! We had a couple of teens sing & play the guitar…AND we had a rockin’ guitarist from L.A. totally JAM on the guitar…

The martial arts demo was very awesome.  One of our young 12 year old yellow belts did the round-house kick sequence in a circle and she was amazing!!  Her mom & dad were beaming in the audience!

I love the Christmas season… the feelings in the air…the lights, the decorations…the general feelings of love.  All to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  What an awesome occasion to celebrate.

Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim also talked to everyone and shared her wisdom & messages of love… she boosted up the teens and the young warriors so that they felt so proud of themselves…she made everyone feel so much at home!

It was an awesome event!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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