I Love Christmastime!

I love Christmastime!  Since I have been training with Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim, I have truly felt that every day is Christmas…

I love seeing the Christmas lights go up on houses everywhere… I remember driving around to just see the different lights.

I have gone Christmas caroling with Great Grandmaster Dr. Kim at neighbors’ houses… that was a lot of fun!

I can never get tired of listening to 96.5, the Christmas station…especially O Holy Night by Celine Dion!  Brings tears to my eyes!!! 

Since I love feeling the Christmas spirit every day, I like to give gifts to people NOT on the 25th… but days afterwards… everyone opens presents on the 25th… but when someone gets a present on a different day, then that day becomes Christmas all over again!

I am joyful about Christmas because the past 18 years of my life have been filled with love, family and friends.  I attribute this to my training at Jung SuWon because through my training, I have gotten a very positive perspective about myself and about life. 

I can clearly remember feelings of loneliness during holiday seasons…wishing that there was someone I could be with, someone who wanted to be with me… One Thanksgiving, when I was in college, I had just broken up a long relationship… I spent the day watching TV, eating a turkey sandwich, and hearing his name on every TV show that I could watch… feeling lonely and out of sorts…always on the verge of crying.  I think back then, I was manic depressive…leaning heavily on the depressed side whenever I was alone…and only showing the manic side in public…

I thank God that those days are in my past.  All I have to do is turn to see my soulmate next to me & I feel the love surrounding me.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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