Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, Great Teacher!

Last night, I saw another GREAT Korean movie that had some amazing lessons about being a Warrior, just as Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches in her classes.

It’s called “The Legend of the Shadowless Sword”.  

The main character is a Warrior named Soha.  She was raised and trained to be a warrior, a fighter.  She was also taught that her sword’s purpose is not to kill, but to protect what is precious.

Great Grandmaster Kim teaches that in Jung SuWon Class, we learn how to spar… but the purpose isn’t to fight people, to be a bully or to hurt others…but is only to be used in Self Defense or protecting our loved ones.

This lesson was very strong in the movie.  The Warrior did not just kill because she had the power to kill.  She only acted to protect the future King.

She had a mission and purpose and she never forgot her mission or purpose, even when the battles seemed to be impossible.  Completely surrounded by enemies, she held her ground and defended herself and the future king against them.  In the first battle, she didn’t draw her sword at all.  It was obvious that the enemies she faced were not that skilled or competent and their intent wasn’t to kill her or the future king, so she didn’t kill any of them.

The next battles, against the Killer Blade Army were much more intense because their mission was to kill her and the future king.

At the end of the movie, they flashback into the past where the future king, as a 15 year old warrior in his father’s army, met a young girl and taught her a few things and made her promise to always honor and respect and then flashback to the present time when she tells him, “I kept my promise”.

I really like movies like this!  Not just for the awesome martial arts… but because the messages are so powerful.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is a true teacher.  She has taught these same messages for so many years…. to be a true Warrior in your life, not just on a physical battlefield, but in the daily battles we face every day in our lives…


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