You are Creative Energy!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches a Code of Ethics, Principles of Mental Conduct and Silent Master images at Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy and through her book Seven Steps to Inner Power.

The 4th Silent Master Image is

You are creative energy!

I was outside today, and saw some beautiful Poppy flowers!  I love poppies… the colors are so vibrant!

The Traditional way to shoot photos…including from a camera phone…is to point the camera at the subject and press the shutter button, which is how I shot this photo:

I like it… the orange against the green is nice…BUT, the sky was so blue, and I wanted to capture the poppy against the sky.  But the poppy grows very low to the ground…

The iPhone has a unique option where you can reverse the camera and use the front facing camera to shoot photos.

So I reversed the camera and then held my phone under the poppy.  I could barely see what I was shooting because the light was so bright, but the results I got were AWESOME (at least I think so!)

I love flowers. I love poppies. I love blue skies. I love clouds. … so I will be posting more of my photos!

I have been shooting photos since I was 13 years old in the 9th grade.  (I’m celebrating the 19th anniversary of my 25th year this year… if you’re curious how old I am…)

I love Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s teachings because I AM Creative Energy!

More to come!


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