STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled Backwards!!

I just saw this really quickly on a webpage before I clicked out of the page…

STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards….

As soon as I saw it, I looked at the word again and thought how cool is that!!

Seems like to avoid Stress…you just have to have DESSERT!  😉

Did you know that stress is the #1 cause of aging?  Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim provides training at Jung SuWon that is a total Stress Reliever!

Stress builds up in your cells, in your skin, in your internal energy…when you sweat it out at Jung SuWon, you release all the stress that is trapped inside?

But it’s not just the sweating and working out hard.  The principles and lessons taught at Jung SuWon stimulate the mind and spirit as well.

That’s why training is an all-around great activity!!

I have been training at Jung SuWon for over 20 years.  People still can’t guess how old I am! 🙂

This year will be the 19th anniversary of my 25th year! 😉

I am in Love with my life!!!

are you?


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