Cooking? Me? Will Wonders Never Cease!

So, I’m not much of a cook.  I know how to make noodles…eggs…noodles and eggs… Not much more.

Well, when you think you can’t cook…you can’t!

Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches, “Your thoughts create your reality!”

So, when I found myself in a no-option situation where I HAD to cook foods to help take care of someone, I used another one of Great Grandmaster‘s teachings:  “You are creative energy!” and I whipped up some fairly simple, yet delicious dishes! (delicious because the eater of the food loved it!)

My first meal attempt was CREPES!  I made 2 kinds… a breakfast crepe with egg… and a dessert crepe with strawberries!

I actually MADE the crepes from scratch!  (of course, I had some help from…)

Creative Crepes!

My next endeavor… Poached Eggs!  Now, I love all eggs…cooked anyway.  I had never really poached an egg before… but I read how to do it and it’s pretty easy!

Perfectly Poached Egg!

It was a HIT!  Yahoo!

So, I started to get more creative…

Marvelous Mini-Pizza

I made this “mini-pizza” but I didn’t use pizza dough… instead, I used a half of an English muffin!  It was the perfect thinness…and I only used a tomato slice, some olives, some mozzarella cheese…and a balsamic vinaigrette!  This one surprised me at how delicious it was!

My last dish that I made… now, this was over the course of several days… was an egg sandwich. But not just any ordinary egg sandwich!

Extraordinary Egg Sandwich–From the Heart…

I used only 2 egg whites…and gently cooked them so that there were no crispy edges or burnt sides… I added a tomato slice, some avocado and for the bread, I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to “remove the crust”… and voila!  Right from the heart!

The best part of making the food was knowing that someone very important to me was enjoying it!

Great Grandmaster Dr. Kim really showed me, through these lessons, that with no options, I CAN cook if I want to!

This is the great thing about training…Great Grandmaster teaches that lessons can be learned at any time of day and doing any type of activity.

If you’ve never tried cooking, give it a shot!  I used and started my own recipe box.  I’ve made angel eggs, and my own homemade garlic mayonnaise!


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2 Responses to “Cooking? Me? Will Wonders Never Cease!”

  1. alvinsojourner Says:

    Wow! Great Meal! Great Example of The creativity. I am very hungry. I am very encouraged to create some of the favorites dishes I like to eat but have never tried to create myself.

    He Can, She Can Do Why Not Me. I have seen that some place!
    Best Regards,
    Keep writing.

  2. eoaktree Says:

    Reblogged this on Inner Peace 737.

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