Archery – How to Truly FOCUS in Life

Through my training with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, I have had the opportunity to learn about archery.

So, I’ve done archery several times… in Past years… but I never could figure out the “aim” thing… seems obvious, but for some reason, I could never really aim.  I just shot and hoped that I would hit the target.  Needless to say, most of my arrows went into the grass and I had to spend time searching for them.

Lately, I have changed as a person.  It’s not that I’ve practiced archery so much that I “figured” it out.  But one day, I went out in the early morning to shoot.  I was very calm inside.  I felt very much at peace.

I took aim and I actually aimed the arrow at the target.  And I hit the target!

Not only that, I shot all 10 of my arrows into the target!  WOW!  Yahoo!!!

All 10 Arrows in the Target!

That was a HUGE AHA moment for me!

I realized that for much of my life, I had never really AIMED my life at my goals.  I just moved forward, doing this and that, hoping that my goals would be achieved…

This was the first time in my life that I aimed and shot all 10 arrows into the target.  The feeling was the same feeling when you hit the sweet spot on the golf ball with your driver…and you hear that “ching” sound and the ball sails away into the distance.

Purposely hitting the target was a GREAT feeling.  (as opposed to accidentally hitting it and feeling great that it actually hit!)

I felt great because I aimed at my target and I hit it.

My next step is “grouping” my arrows so that I can actually aim at a tighter area… but I’m getting there!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches about focus.  I always thought I was focused in everything I did, but I realize now that I wasn’t really focused on the overall goals… just on the task at hand.  When I can set my mind to focus on the overall goal, I feel calmer inside, at peace… and I feel that everything I do has a purpose.  My arrows are all on the right trajectory.

My next round of arrows, I hit 8 into the target, but I grouped them a little tighter:

8 in!

Have I said how awesome training at Jung SuWon is?

Well, it’s AWESOME!


Check these out!

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