Awesome Jung SuWon Black Belt Testing for 3 Young Warriors!

On Saturday, May 26th, Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim tested 3 warriors for their next black belt rank.

What was so special about this testing is that the 3 warriors are over 60 years old each!  One is 61, one will be 63 next week and the other is 72!!

They have trained at Jung SuWon for over 17 years each.

It was beautiful to listen to their testimonials and to remember them when they first started training.

They faced challenges that they had never seen before… and completed them with amazing focus and strength!

It was great to watch each of them face their challenges and push through!  The beauty of Jung SuWon training is that you have to be ready, any time, any place.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s teachings are timeless and filled with wisdom.  Mr. Harrison Peoples shared how he had carried guilt for over 20 years because a soldier had died under his command…he constantly blamed himself and couldn’t let it go.  But after being in Great Grandmaster’s classes he learned to forgive himself and to love himself.

Stay tuned for an action packed video coming!

Remember that super board I showed in my previous blog post?… Hers is where they were introduced to everyone!!

Harrison Peoples breaking a Super Board with an elbow strike!

Bert McMahon breaking a Super Board with a Palm Heel attack!

Greg Dumas breaking a Super Board with a Knife Hand attack!

More pictures coming soon!


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