Cherries, cherries, cherries! YUM!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has taught me more about nature in the past 21 years than in the previous 23.  I used to think orange juice came from frozen concentrate… I remember growing up, taking the concentrate out of the freezer, adding water, and stirring and pounding until it all melted..and voila! instant orange juice!

I never had fresh squeezed juice of any kind until I came out to California!

I never even thought about how fresh fruit was grown…

Have you ever tasted home-grown cherries?  They are AMAZINGLY sweet and all organic!

Last year, there were no cherries… 😦  the birds ate every single cherry…

The trees had netting but the netting loosened and had holes all over and I never checked them!

This year, the trees were covered with netting again, but it wasn’t done thoroughly so there were holes everywhere.  I had the opportunity to fix the netting and it was very rewarding.  I realized that the only way to prevent the birds from eating ALL the cherries is to cover the trees completely.  If you leave a hole in the netting, the birds will find a way to get in.

I discovered that it is very meditative to fix the holes in the netting.  The wind chimes fill the air with a delicious sound.  The sun warmed my neck as the gentle breeze kept me cool. I “stitched” up the holes using individual ties.

Sometimes I would think I was done, then I’d look up at a different part of the tree and see another huge hole!  I had to be creative to be able to secure the netting to close up the holes. I gained more experience on the apricot trees too!

This is like Life, as Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has taught me.  We have to focus on ourselves, staying healthy, strong – in body, mind & spirit – and making sure we don’t have “holes” in our life.  What are the holes?  They are the excuses that we give to ourselves to allow us to be lazy or arrogant or self-serving.

By paying attention to ourselves, we can seal off the holes so that we don’t let in any negative energy.  In doing this, we can harvest great positive energy within ourselves!

Oh, and the cherries are ripening every day!!  I can’t wait until they are ready to eat!


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One Response to “Cherries, cherries, cherries! YUM!”

  1. Jung SuWon Publishing Says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of cherries on that tree!

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