Smile! It really will make you feel better!

I like to smile! 🙂

I like being happy!

But there was a time in my life, when I didn’t feel very happy.  I was very lonely and sad.

I wanted to be happy…but just wasn’t.

It stemmed from a deep feeling of loneliness inside.  I felt like no one understood me. I didn’t even understand myself.

I spent my time wallowing in self-pity…for some reason, I felt justified in doing so.

After I met Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim at Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy, my life really changed.  Great Grandmaster Kim taught me so much about myself, about people, about life.

Great Grandmaster Kim told me once, “Smile!  Practice smiling!  And you will eventually feel the happiness coming from within.”

I thought that if I was feeling down, but I was smiling, that was like lying.  Smiling when I didn’t feel like smiling?

But, guess what?  It worked!  The more I smiled, the more I felt like smiling and the happier I felt inside!

Great Grandmaster Kim teaches that energy attracts energy.

Negative energy attracts negative energy.  Positive energy attracts positive energy!

The more I smiled on the outside, the more I felt like smiling on the inside!


It didn’t happen overnight. It took time.  But it worked!




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