Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover!!

We’ve all  heard that wise saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”…

I’m a victim of that!!  I’m terrible about making decisions before I even try things.

A big example is with Kimchi.  If you don’t know what that is, it is a traditional Korean dish that is spicy because red pepper is used.  

When I was growing up, I didn’t like to brush my teeth because toothpaste was “minty”.

I had made the decision that I didn’t like “mints” and absolutely decided I would NEVER eat kimchi or anything spicy.

In case you can’t tell by my picture in my blog header, but I’m Korean…born & raised in America…if you talk to me on the phone, you’d never guess that I’m Korean.

I never ate Kimchi…for 23 years.

Then I started training at Jung SuWon.  I went on a Self Discovery Weekend with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim…and it was revealed that I didn’t like kimchi.

I only didn’t like it because I never tried it before!

After some very wise words that gave me the courage to try the kimchi on my own…now I LOVE IT!  Yes, I shocked the heck out of my parents when I took them out to dinner and ate it!  That was something they never expected to see happen.

Recently, I had another experience that reminded me of this.

Great Grandmaster Kim had gotten a bag of Bakha 박하 candy from the Korean market… it is a white minty candy from Korea.

I saw it and immediately judged that it would be WAY too minty for me… way too strong…

Then Great Grandmaster said, try it!

So I did.

And of course, I’m sure you know what happened next… IT WAS VERY TASTY!

It wasn’t the strong mint flavor as I had expected.

And so, another forward step in my life.  Great Grandmaster Kim is the MASTER of not judging … people…things… and will always be the first to try something, taste something or check things out…

I learn every day that I shouldn’t prejudge things or people and make decisions about them before I have really checked things out.

Have an Open Cup is what Great Grandmaster Kim says… if your “cup”, your mind is already full of your own decisions and judgments, there is no room for anything new.

If I hadn’t started training at Jung SuWon in 1991, I would have missed out on so many new experiences!  My life would have been completely different from what it is today.  I believe that God provides paths in our lives and we all have choices of which direction to go in. I am so grateful that I took the path to Jung SuWon in 1991!  My life is AWESOME today!


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