A Meditation Moment – Stop and Smell the Roses!

Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim has taught me the value and importance of stopping to smell the roses.

Sometimes I get so busy that I lose the time of day.

This translates to my mind getting completely jam-packed and backlogged.

Great Grandmaster Kim taught me the value of taking “a Meditation Moment“… just 5 minutes.  Take my eyes away from my computer screen and all the noise surrounding me…and just go and smell the roses!

See this rose…I wish you could smell it.  It is amazing. It’s growing right outside my office.  The smell is so strong and beautiful…it’s as beautiful as it looks.

Great Grandmaster Kim teaches that meditation doesn’t have to be done sitting in a dark room with your eyes closed.  Dr. Kim teaches about Moving Meditation.  It has to do with where your mind is, what you are thinking of, focused on…Moving Meditation can be done while walking, running or even smelling roses!

It all has to do with where your mind is.

That’s why training at Jung SuWon is awesome!  It is an environment where you are taught how to focus your mind.  Even in situations where you have to face people in sparring or to break stacks of bricks or boards.

It’s not easy to do…but after time, and experience, you learn how to focus your mind.



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