Thoughts from a Warrior

Here is another paragraph from Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s book “7 Steps to Inner Power“.  

So, ask “Who am I?” now. What do you want to become? Where are you today? What have you accomplished or failed to accomplish? Do you have the career you want, the relationships you want? Do you like who you are? Are you happy? Have you realized your dreams and goals?

The truth is, you are exactly where you are because of the way you answered “Who am I?” Why? Because how you answer the question determines what choices you make for yourself moment to moment every day of your life.

For me this is a profound paragraph.  It untimately lets me know I have choice in my life, choice to be who I want to be, choice to overcome fears and weaknesses.

Other references:  Life Story, Sports-Squido, CEO of JSW

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