Self Discovery as a Jung Su Won Warrior

Arrival to Seoul, South Korea!

Hello, everyone! It’s about 5:00 AM here in Seoul, South Korea! We had a very exciting journey coming to this country!


Going to SFO, two of our JSW instructors were very kind to take a couple hours of their day to transport us to the airport. Thank you to Sabum-nim Karen Heart and Bu-Saubum-nim Alvin Sojourner!


After dropping us off and making our way to the terminal, we made it onto the plane without any problems or delays. Our designated seats were pretty close to each other too! The plane ride was scheduled to be a 12 hour flight, but it turned out to be 10 hours. Not sure what happened because most of us were alseep. 🙂


We finally arrived to Seoul, and the weather wasn’t bad at all! It’s like the weather in Fremont!

We were greeted not only…

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