Learning from Movies

I love watching movies. Not just for the entertainment value, but because there is so much to learn from watching movies.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim, my mentor and teacher, has been teaching through movies for many, many years.  When I first started training over 25 years ago, I remember watching a movie with Dr. Kim and other students, and after the movie, Dr. Kim asked, “what did you learn?”

I didn’t understand. I was entertained. But what did I “learn”?

It was at this moment that I discovered that Dr. Tae Yun Kim wasn’t an ordinary teacher or Martial Arts Master. She saw learning moments everywhere…at the mall, at the movies, on the mountain, watching a butterfly, finding a four leaf clover.

After that first movie, I watched movies a LOT differently. Instead of becoming numb to what was happening on the screen, I paid attention to what was happening, what was being said, what touched me the most during the movie.

It’s amazing. There is Always something to be learned… courage…consistency…patience…determination…drive…never giving up…compassion…all things that I want to develop in myself, I could see in the movies I watched!

Last night, I saw a movie called “Deepwater Horizon“.  It stars Mark Wahlberg as Mike Williams, an Engineering technician on an oil rig, Deepwater Horizon, that was being contracted by BP Oil to drill for oil. It is based on a true story.

This movie had so many incredibly powerful moments that I can apply to my own life.


If you haven’t seen the movie yet, and want to be surprised, don’t read any further! ♥

Scene: The bigwigs from BP came on board the oil rig and had basically stopped all the testing from the 3rd party vendor because of time and money. The rig was 43 days late and BP didn’t want to spend any more time or money waiting…even if it meant bypassing all the safety checks. This greed caused one of the biggest oil spills in the U.S. in all of history.

Lesson learned: QUALITY! QUALITY! QUALITY! Nothing is worth more than verifying the quality of your work.  It doesn’t pay off to sacrifice quality because the end customer will suffer. No matter what you do, put Quality into it!

Scene: The rig is blowing up, fire is exploding in all corners. One explosion rocks through the bathroom where the main team manager, Mr. Jimmy is taking a shower. Pieces of glass are shot at him and pierce his body in dozens of places, damages both his eyes and a big shard gets embedded in the bottom of one of his feet. When he regains consciousness, he has no idea what has happened. He pulls the piece of glass from his foot, and blinded by the explosion, he feels around for his overalls, painfully puts them on, and feels his way out into the corridor to try to find out what has happened. When Mike finally gets to him, he tells Mike to take him to the bridge.

Lesson learned: Purpose, determination, responsibility. Mr. Jimmy was responsible for the rig and all the people on board. Even though he was severely injured, he knew he had to get to the bridge to disconnect the pipes to stop the explosions. He could barely walk, he couldn’t see, yet he was determined to make it to the bridge because it was his responsibility. How much do I take responsibility for my own life? If I could only apply that kind of purpose, determination and responsibility for everything I did in my life, how different my life would be! But I have discovered that it is too easy, too comfortable and too lazy to not accept responsibility and to blame others all the time. And once you get into a habit of doing this, it is hard to break free from it. 2017 is MY year to break free from this!

Scene: On the bridge, Andrea, the engineer in charge of driving the rig, sees all the explosions and fire… not knowing what happened or what was going on, she had the instinct to disconnect the pipe and to turn the EDS on (not sure exactly what that is, but it had something to do with shutting things down). But the other guy on the bridge told her that they did not have the authority to shut things down. She kept moving towards the button to disconnect and the other guy was forcefully insistent that they could not make that decision. When Mr. Jimmy finally made it to the bridge many minutes later, he asked if they had disconnected the pipe and enabled the EDS and they said no. So he went to do it.

Lesson learned: Andrea’s Silent Master told her what needed to happen…to disconnect the pipe and to enable the EDS. But the other guy…the “logical/rational” mind said they were not “allowed” to make that decision. But the rig was exploding and fire was shooting out everywhere! How much time was wasted and how many lives were at risk because they didn’t act on Andrea’s instinct? Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches about our Silent Master, that 6th sense inside of us that is intimately connected to God and that is a voice that quietly speaks to us…but most of us have too much noise in our heads to hear it. This lesson is that I must learn to listen to my Silent Master and to take action based on that…and NOT let my rational/logical mind talk me out of things….this happens way too often to me. My rational mind always seems to interfere with my listening and hearing my Silent Master voice.

Well, there were many more lessons in many more scenes…but to not be too long winded, I’ll stop here…you get the picture!  I’ll continue to write more about the lessons I’ve learned from the many movies that I have seen with Dr. Kim… I hope you enjoyed this!

As Dr. Kim always says, He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!d


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One Response to “Learning from Movies”

  1. Karen Heart Says:

    Wow! Learning from watching a movie. Usually we just think of going to movie as pure entertainment.

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