My martial arts teacher, Dr. Tae Yun Kim, shares a story called “The Maybe Story”. 

It’s a very interesting story about when things happen, we tend to judge them based on our emotions. It’s about how we react to things that happen without thinking.

The story goes something like this:

There was a farmer who lived in a village with his son. He raised beautiful horses that worked on his farm and he took great care of them.

One day there was a lightning storm that riled the horses and they broke through the fence and ran away. All the men in the village came to this man and said “oh how terrible for you! How terrible that all your horses ran away! What bad luck!”

And the farmer said “Maybe.”

And all the villagers said, “How can you say maybe? All your horses are gone!”

But still the man just nodded his head and said “maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad.”

The villagers just left, shaking their heads in dismay.

Well, those horses were completely spooked by the lightning and they just ran off. They found themselves amongst a whole herd of wild horses…beautiful mustangs and pintos and all different kinds of wild horses. 

At first they felt good being with all these new friends, but after a few days, they started missing their regular schedule and food with the farmer and his son. So they told all the wild horses about their life with the farmer and all the regular food they got. The wild horses started talking amongst themselves and decided that they were tired of just roaming around aimlessly with no purpose so they told the other horses that they would follow them back to their home.

The next day, the farmer’s son started yelling and screaming and the farmer went outside to see what all the ruckus was. There inside the corral were not only his original horses but a whole herd of new horses!

The local villagers heard what had happened and all came to see for themselves.

“You are SO lucky that your horses ran away and brought all these new horses to you! What good luck you have!”

The farmer only replied with a smile, “Maybe.”

The farmer’s son decided to try and ride one of the new horses, but when he got on the horse, the horse, who had never had a rider before, got scared and started bucking wildly. The son was thrown off the horse and broke his leg! The local doctor came and set the leg in a cast and said it would take 8 weeks to heal.

Again the villagers heard the news and came by to visit the farmer.

“What bad luck you have! How could your son break his leg? Who will help you with your farm work? Those horses have brought you such bad luck!”

The farmer smiled, and said “Maybe.”

The villagers were shocked! “How can you say ‘maybe’?? Your son can’t walk normally for 8 weeks!!”

But the farmer just smiled.

The villagers again left, shaking their heads.

Now a civil war had started to brew in the region, and the local militia came to each farm to conscript the young men who were able to fight. When they came to the farmer’s house, they saw that his son had a broken leg, so they didn’t draft him. But they went to all the other households and took all the ablebodied sons.

The villagers came to the farmer, weeping and sobbing, “what good luck you have! Our sons were all taken to the military, but your son stayed! How lucky that the horse broke his leg! We wish our sons had broken their legs too! You have such good luck!”

And the farmer just smiled, “Maybe.”

The farmer never took any situation as good or bad and he didn’t become emotional each time something happened.

What about in your life?  Do you make quick judgments whenever things happen? 

When you are driving and you get stuck behind a slow driver, do you start cursing and swearing at the driver? Or maybe there is a cop hiding ahead and if you hadn’t slowed down, surely you would’ve gotten a ticket!

When you miss your flight, do you become angry at the airline ticket counter people? Maybe that airplane ended up flying in a storm and crashed? (That happened to a friend of mine!)  Wouldn’t you count your blessings?

Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches that we should not be quick to judge any situation and to look on the bright side. You know the saying that every cloud has a silver lining?

Check it out the next time you feel your anger or negative energy rising. Maybe you can see the good in the situation. Maybe?


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